Mindful Yoga 

Deepen your capacity to be mindfully attentive.  In the same moments, partner with your body’s intelligence through its most natural expression: movement.

Read more here. Check Schedule for classes; private sessions help understand the body you live in.

Positively Wonderful Brain: Positive Neuroplasticity

Modern neuroscience is swimming with evidence that you can make positive change in your brain. Linda Graham writes that "mindfulness and compassion practices are two of the most powerful agents of brain change known to science." A new study group that includes a focus on each of these practices and much, much more, will begin in 2018. Please inquire.


Rewire Your Inner Critic

You might be too hard on yourself some times. Or you don't go for what you really want. Maybe you stay with what’s familiar instead of venturing out into new experiences. Or if something bad happens you think it’s your fault. While these are common experiences, certainly they are to me, you can learn and take in new ways to respond. 

Charlotte is an angel with buns of steel.
— Peggy Schjeldahl, LMT
Charlotte has an uncanny ability to blend gentle movement, mindfulness, and self-discovery that resonate with all the women attending the classes.
— Kate Newgard, Oncology Nurse Navigator Leila J. Eisenstein Breast Center, Providence Medford Medical Center, Medford, OR

About Charlotte

I have a holistic professional background. I'm a certified Viniyoga Yoga Therapist with a background in Gerontology. I lead personal self-development in study groups, workshops, and retreats. I help bring to life modern understandings of neuroscience - you can literally shape the brain. I'm dedicated to helping you reap the harvest of your life - the heart of your unique tremendous potential. 


Getting educated about my own health is high on my priority list. Sleep is a key ingredient to feeling my best.

These educational resources can give you a new perspective in managing chronic conditions or getting better sleep. They are not a replacement for advice given by your licensed healthcare provider. I'm an affiliate and receive a compensation from your purchase.


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