yoga adapted for you

Mindful Yoga 

Deepen your capacity to be mindfully attentive.  In the same moments, partner with your body’s intelligence through its most natural expression: movement.

Read more here. Check Schedule for classes; private sessions help understand the body you live in.

Join a Study Group! 

The foundations of well-being study group

Team up with modern neuroscience and make positive changes in your brain and your life! Please inquire.


Coaching One-one-one

Coaching for embodied well-being

Life is precious. You can repair, embrace and celebrate, your whole life! Coaching draws on tools of modern neuroscience blended with spiritual practice and personal development.


About Charlotte

I have a holistic professional background. I'm a certified Viniyoga Yoga Therapist with a background in Gerontology. I lead personal self-development in study groups, workshops, and retreats. I help bring to life modern understandings of neuroscience - you can literally shape the brain. I'm dedicated to helping you reap the harvest of your life - the heart of your unique tremendous potential. 

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Charlotte has an uncanny ability to blend gentle movement, mindfulness, and self-discovery that resonate with all the women attending the classes.
— Kate Newgard, Oncology Nurse Navigator Leila J. Eisenstein Breast Center, Providence Medford Medical Center, Medford, OR