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The Foundations of Well-Being Study Group, 2018

  • The time is now
  • Invest in living fully
  • Repair hurt
  • Be kinder to yourself


Neuroplasticity is at the heart of my 10-month Study Group, The Foundations of Well-Being Study Group. The group is inspired by the work of Dr. Rick Hanson. He blends neuroscience, spiritual practice and personal growth. Evidence and promising research-based, you experience how to make true gains in being a better friend to yourself; extend more courageously into places where you've kept yourself small and safe; and get a much bigger perspective on your life.

The Study Group is a rich place to learn, share and deepen your own journey of personal development. You'll experience learning in a new way. Feel supported in finding what is personally meaningful to you. And benefit from connecting with others who have similar values.

Learning in this kind of an environment fulfills a basic need we all have to not do this alone. It combines the best of self-directed learning with facilitated group experiences.

Our new study group begins in January, 2018, and continues through December, 2018. The personal sized group meets 1-2 times monthly, with the summer off. 

Registration opens in November, 2017. Please reply with your interest. We accommodate 12 participants.

contact Charlotte for more information.

E-mail:; or leave a phone message: 541-301-8060.

How I came to this work

Personal development became a way for me to make peace with the rips and tears in the resilient fabric of my heart. 

in 2014, I stumbled onto Rick Hanson's work and found a home and a way to pick up the thread of healing - and with that renewed inner strength to embody all that's possible in this life.

I feel privileged to offer this Study Group with his blessings.

It's a joy to experience others finding new joy inside themselves.

“This program has improved every relationship I have. I am a different person. I have finally realized, that the happiness I so deeply desired was hiding in plain sight.  I had long thought that the world around me needed to change so that I could be happy. Through this program I have finally come to realize that happiness depends upon me, not circumstance.”

— Jolene Monheim, Medford

A Story About Support to Navigate Tough Places, an interview with participants from a year-long Study Group