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“After one class with Charlotte, my hips (that need attention) opened more than in a whole year of attending classes regularly.”  
— Nikki Von, Ashland, OR
Simple poses done correctly really work.

Charlotte is an excellent teacher of yoga and life.
— Lynn Twiest, Ashland

Practitioners that work with me are usually in their 40s to 80s. They are wonderful, bright men and women, dedicated to self-care. They enjoy life and want to continue living fully.

I've been a yoga practitioner for about 40 years. Yoga has made a huge difference in my life. Yoga is a true friend. Read more here....



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One-on-one strengthens your dedication to pursuing a new way of relating to yourself and your body. Movement by movement, your body and brain learn new possibilities.

  • Empower yourself to genuinely connect instead of avoid/push.
  • Dedicate time to integrate your learning at home, 15 mins. daily.
  • Maximize by collaborating. Benefit from my years of experience.
  • See with freshness. It's pretty much impossible to see blind spots on your own.
  • Relate to your special needs with skillfulness and care.

Sessions are held in a private studio near SOU, in Ashland, OR. 

You'll receive a complimentary Free CD: Meditations and Relaxations for Your Healing Journey. Overcome fatigue, relieve anxiety, become kinder toward yourself.

Adaptive Mindful Yoga complements other healthcare treatments. 

This is not therapeutic in a clinical sense. You need to take responsibility for and respect your body's needs, limitations and make wise decisions in your body's best interests. I am not licensed to diagnose. 

Small group classes

Cozy class size, cozy studio, Ashland, OR. Please contact me. Thanks for your interest!

Guest teaching, presentation speaker

I am happy to discuss presenting at your venue! I am qualified to teach as faculty in professional yoga teacher training and yoga therapy training programs, and provide mentoring to yoga teachers and therapists.

Questions? Contact Charlotte by e-mail: charlotte@charlottenuessle.com; or leave a message at 541-301-8060. 

Charlotte has many skills to offer as a yoga therapist, but perhaps the most helpful are that she asks good questions, listens deeply and creates a uniquely individualized plan of action. I didn’t really know what to expect from our weekly private sessions. I remembered that in yoga as in life, breath is everything. Working together, by the end of five weeks, I feel, quite simply, that I have regained control of my health. And I have learned skills for an ongoing practice to keep it that way.
— Lin Richard, Ashland, OR
 Registered Member of the Yoga Alliance

Registered Member of the Yoga Alliance