August 2017,  Online course!

Join a creative, supportive learning environment. Come away with simple tools that will change how you partner with your brain for greater well-being!

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Curious about how we can tap into our brain’s amazing capacity to change? 

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Gain momentum. Live from your inner strengths.

We spend alot of time in our heads these days. It's really easy to lose touch with our body and take its wisdom for granted. 

Life can feel like a burden sometimes: you might get overwhelmed, get moving along too fast, or over think your concerns. 

Even during challenging times you can learn to take in good resources that will be like a buoy in rough seas.

Grow new ways to show up for yourself with more clarity and wisdom.

Find strengths that heal repetitive thoughts like: "I can't get it right, so why try?" 

Re-engage with your life & with what has meaning. 

One-on-one Embodied Coaching:

  • Your body is a lifelong companion. It's much more than a source of complaints
  • Grow your focus on positive things
  • Give yourself support instead of judging or avoiding, minimizing or worrying
  • Feeling a connection that brings out the best in you
  • Understanding neuroscience basics of how your brain learns and changes
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One-on-One Coaching is offered in person in Ashland, OR; or Zoom. In Ashland we meet in my home studio. 

I look forward to sharing your journey.