Being gentle with your body helps you move through trauma. Come and learn how.

Maybe you or someone you know has experienced Trauma. 

This small group is a gift for everybody that attends. The foundation of the group is acceptance.

Gentle movements to care for our bodies; breathing awareness to soothe the nervous system and steady the mind. Sharing to know we're not alone. Everything is optional.

I am grateful to collaborate on offering these Trauma Sensitive Yoga groups with a licensed psychologist, founder and director of Care and Counseling Center of So. Oregon, Jim Stumbo, Ph.D. The groups are held in Medford, OR. 

The experiences in the groups are based on research that demonstrated how yoga, appropriately adapted, is effective for people that have experienced Trauma. You can read about the research here.


If you are interested in these classes, contact Charlotte by e-mail, or by phone, 541-301-8060. 

Or contact Dr. Jim Stumbo, 541-779-4090.