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Thanks for your interest in working togetherOne of the best ways to begin is to connect for a one to one chat. When we chat, I ask you specific questions to help you get clear on your next step. I also answer any questions you have to be sure working together is a good fit.

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(Email me at charlotte@charlottenuessle.com, if you don't see a time that works for you.)

A Few Ways To Work Together:



Tuning Into Our Nervous System in Healing Trauma Webinar

Inside this webinar, I'll share some key tips on shifting your relationship with your nervous system.

Come and reinvigorate your personal exercise experience with some tip to toes reminders that keep you moving in new ways.

During the webinar, I'll share my knowledge, know-how and experience along side experiential learning and easy to implement body-based mindfulness practices (like adaptive yoga, breath, sound, meditation and journalling).

I'll also help you understand and use foundational concepts based on updated research about the human nervous system, the Polyvagal System, that changes how we meet our needs, navigate relationships and calm our body.

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Living in Your Goodness - Library Talk

The Library Talk is a recording of a live talk I shared with a group of participants that delves into living in your own goodness and how it is a life-skill that can be developed. If you’ve found that you’re too hard on yourself, feel discouraged, or doubt your own capacity, this experiential talk can be useful to gain some new ground inside, to be a friend to yourself.

You’ll enjoy a movement practice, a discussion and thoughtful interaction among those that attended.

Through developing this skill you can then begin to live a more positive life by looking for and finding the positive in your days. 

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Live Online Course

There’s a live online course several times a year. More details here:Tune Into Your Nervous System: Discover Its Rhythm and Movement.

When you learn to trust your body's signals, you're better able to meet your needs and live more fully. In this course you're introduced to updated research about the human nervous system, the Polyvagal System, that changes how we meet our needs, navigate relationships and calm our body. You'll come away with a better understanding of your nervous system, recognize its language of movement, learn what it can teach you and begin to reshape it. I'll share through body-based mindfulness practices of adaptive yoga, breath, sound, meditation and journalling. This course gives you the tools to shift, more flexibly, from stressful states to greater peace and presence of mind.




1:1 Online Yoga Sessions

Come reinvigorate your personal exercise experience with a 1:1 yoga session. I'm now offering my yoga services online.

I've found that I really enjoy working online - it's an amazing way to stay connected! I also really enjoy giving you 1:1 support as you grow and develop your practice.

Most often, I share adaptive yoga practices for those who want to benefit from relieving stiff, achy joints, and for those who want to develop a relationship with their breath and their body.

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Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is a key to it.
— Lao Tzu
 Practice taking the next step. Make a choice to arrive in the present, again and again.