Business is Not Something Separate

Like the honeybee I have a role in my community. I am often enthusiastic about having this life/opportunity to be part of something greater than myself.

At earlier times in my life I've thought that business is about something out there. Something to achieve that is other than who I am. An image to uphold. What others need or want of me. 

Part of wholeness is that how I live is how I do business and vice versa. They are not separate. I overachieve for your needs and neglect my own. Nope. Business is an inside out process now.

I'm more confident to be the person that I am. The best gifts I have to give are being myself. I have sturdy shoulders to stand on. I know that now and want to share my strengths.

I continue to learn about this:

1. I want to reach for new goals. There is a voice inside that tells me to stop. I'm too old, I don't have what it takes.  Listening to that isn't the voice of my wise self. It's an old voice that wants to keep me safe. Staying safe doesn't give me room to spread my wings. I love to fly. And if/when I don't hit the mark, let me celebrate the pluck to go for what I really want.

2. Being good enough doesn't mean being perfect. Stop with the perfection thing.

3. Recognizing that to serve others my business has to serve me. I can give from my heart if my own cup is running over. I align and realign with my values - why am I doing this work? Does the goal that I am reaching for serve what is deepest in my heart?

4. Stumbling into ways that I am not kind or considerate toward others. One place this shows up for me is around comparing myself with colleagues and coming up superior in my mind, or inferior. My husband told me that either way I lose. I recognize a need for my own healing. I'm good enough. As I trust that I am good enough there is room for all of us to be good enough.

5. Money is not unspiritual. Wanting to earn money is a reasonable goal for a spiritual person living in this world. As I grow in abundance I expand the ways that I am of service.

6. I offer up my good enough work for the greatest good for everyone.

I continue to understand that my work reflects how I live my life, what I think and how I tend to my own needs and those of my loved ones. My values shape me and my work. Not separate.

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