Elderly. Vital!

Begin again, today and everyday.
First, being a good steward to our earth, as described in this 2.5 minute speech given by our UN Secretary, is most pressing. We each can choose one thing to do each day to support our earth in being a place that is habitable for our children's children's children.

Elderly or Vital?
Just look at this picture for a few moments. If you only had two words to describe this person, would you call him elderly or vital?

In this newsletter let's consider how powerful the messages that we tell ourselves can be. How they can influence our nervous system - how we respond to ourselves and to our world.

In my recent Labor Day retreat a someone called herself elderly. Another woman suggested calling this stage, maturing instead. 

Words carry meaning. Elderly can have a connotation that feels diminutive. Repeated over and over like a mantra it might contribute to not feeling seen, seeming invisible.

Not feeling seen, becoming invisible, can be a response of the nervous system to feeling trapped, no way out. 

When we feel ourselves shutting down, like there's no way out, we benefit from supportive others to lift ourselves up. 

Creating a new response - like the women in our group - gets strengthened when we engage in new ways, from deep inside.

Vitality in our Maturing Years
There is so much more to explore in life, when we have matured with hard earned wisdom from real life experience. And often we have leisure time and other resources to engage in new ways: volunteering, mentoring, writing, caring for others, making music, creating. 

I'm certified as a yoga therapist in the Viniyoga tradition. In this tradition, the maturing stage of life is considered a time to practice focusing our attention inward. It's a time to face obstacles inside us that we might have mistakenly projected out onto others. This inside out integrity helps us share our gifts with clarity. 

Our maturing years can give us perhaps one of the greatest opportunities of our lives. We can uniquely contribute our gifts in our community, with family and friends, with a full heart and a wise mind. 

We can each be a leader in respecting the gift of a life well lived.

PRACTICE - Choose a place where you can be still and free

  • Find a comfortable seat

  • Stretch for a few moments - roll your shoulders back and down 

  • Yawn, sigh

  • Then become quiet

  • Allow your breath to gently deepen

  • As you breathe in, receive the gift of re-energizing that comes with each breath in

  • Literally filling you with life in this new moment

  • As you breathe out, feel your body both releasing and letting go

  • And settling deeply into the vitality of this moment

  • You are enough in this moment

  • Receive each breath as the gift that it is

  • Let yourself be new

  • Letting yourself be new is revitalizing

  • Feel your own genuine vitality right now

Going back to the picture at the top. Just think - this came from a Google search for elderly. Now again consider whether elderly serves our vitality.

Reach out with your thoughts.

I respect that we may grow feeble at some point. For sure, our life will end. Until that time....

To many moments of living with vitality,