Elephants that fly

A little something to share with you today...

1. A wonderful person,  Dr. Rick Hanson (his new book is out, click on his name for a link) says, Keep On Going. It's the idea that we are going to see things through. Yes we're in a mess and yes, we're not done yet either. For example, a new day is just starting as I write this e-mail. In this one day alone there is a good amount of time to dig my chops into a few important tasks and make a little difference.

Making a difference might be attending a community event to become educated about local issues, it might be working in my garden, showing family and friends that they make a difference to me. It all counts because we all count.

This advice has served me well in learning new things, taking the next small step instead of doubting my contribution, smiling when possible instead of frowning, doing the very thing that makes my knees knock, being kind for moments at a time, being genuinely grateful at times each day.

I wonder how you might be applying these words in your circumstances, and where else you might consider bringing them alive. They are part of a focus on growing inner resources that includes things like grit, determination, and patience.

2. Here's an online resource you might enjoy. Thanks to my mentor, Linda Graham, (her soon to be released new book can be pre-ordered) for passing it along. https://www.dumbofeather.com/articles/dumbo-feather-called-dumbo-feather/

3. Last, I do my best to make sure that what I believe doesn't cause harm to you, to me or anybody else.  I liked this song that JPR played. 
https://youtu.be/dUpKZz0Nm7c Re-interpreting these lyrics in my own way keeps the feeling of how having faith in something that's worthy of the heart, like having faith in being courageous for example, serves me. 

I feel fear and with some wisdom, I Keep On Going.  

There are so many good people that are already rocking this world with kindness, open eyes and hearts. I am pretty sure you are one of them. I hope we just Keep On Going. Slow and steady wins the race.

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