Listening, then hearing each other's perspectives

It's precious to share moments of real connection. We settle into a feeling inside that we're just fine, warts and all. 

When we listen to each other with an open mind and heart, caring for the experiences each other has had, interested in the learning that's come out of difficulty, our nervous systems co-regulate. We support each other in finding our way back to being more balanced and creative.

Hearing each other's perspectives helps us understand and clarify our own perspective. 

Listening is a way that we support each other in feeling heard, valued, respected. That our point of view matters, that we matter.

Heartfelt listening opens up the channels for us to express kindness and compassion. When we feel compassion we literally feel moved to action because we care about each others' suffering. 

Feeling ourselves connected with each other helps our physical well-being; helps us calm down; helps us find our unique way through whatever circumstances we find ourselves in.

We have busy lives, sometimes we get too busy for little things, like listening and feeling that someone is listening to us. Listening and feeling listened to, can always make a difference. 

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