Some Important Values About Business and Why Work with Me

As someone in business, it's good to talk shop once in a while. Here are some values that are important to me and what you get when you do coaching with me.

1. Integrity
This is so different from perfection. 
I am dedicated to giving my best service.
I follow through on my commitments. I make repairs when I need to. 
As a coach, I aim to meet you right where you are, help you get empowered around using tools that fit your needs, help you meet your goals and take your next steps. To do this I continue to be mentored in my work as I develop the unique blend of skills I provide.

2. Service
Many of you know that I devoted nearly 20 years of selfless service at Kripalu Ashram, from 18 - almost 38 years old.
I value service in my community and globally. From time to time I volunteer in support of various needs and causes.
I continue to offer complimentary talks locally and online.
I also offer a free 20-mins. chat to anyone interested in my services, to help you take your next step.

3. Donations
Like many of you, my husband and I have been making regular contributions to a handful of organizations whose work we support including Partners in Health, Southern Poverty Law Center, Doctors Without Borders, Tibetan Nuns' Project, Beyond Toxics and our local food bank. 

4. Pricing
My small, experienced digital team supports me in offering my services. 
Offering quality service online makes my work accessible to a greater audience. Participants from all over join together in creating community!

When you coach with me you get: 

  • my solid background in adapting yoga for various needs for over 26 years;

  • tools of how to adopt positive neuroplasticity into your life and/or practices to rewire your brain, to support strengthening inner resources that contribute to living fully and to resilience - that I've developed in leading year-long study groups;

  • my growing expertise in my online course that applies principles of Polyvagal Theory in a down-to-earth way. You begin to reshape protective responses of fight-or-flight or shutting down in collapse and experience inner freedom as you move toward greater flexibility in your nervous system states;

  • the evolution of my solid marriage that grew from many choices to grow together;

  • life experience in becoming resilient, integrating trauma, loss, and injury;

  • deep inquiry/practice in several spiritual traditions;

  • an opportunity to strengthen in the places that need support, take in the beauty of life, and live with more and more sense of your innate wisdom and goodness;

  • a work in progress.

I take my role to heart. I value your commitment to working together and look forward to sharing this life journey, full of all kinds of surprises.

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