chair yoga


She built a web outside the window we looked through each day. Each time the wind blew her web rippled with the breeze. She seemed unperturbed, not stirring as her home shifted and wobbled. Anchored is the word that fit. She was anchored.

In some way that was a mini AH HA. Being anchored and being able to flow. It gave permission to let go a little, of thinking something's wrong. Life naturally wobbles.

We probably get that kind of rippling feeling at many times in life. At times we might feel the earth moving. At times there might be pain or discomfort, for some of us joy and freedom. Some of us might not feel anything. There's no right way, we just respond the way we respond. And we'll likely respond differently another time.

Our nervous system flows like that. Somehow we are anchored on threads woven from seemingly distant supports. 

Our nervous system's natural design gives much needed space to respond differently in different moments. 

And we can learn to consciously weave support into our nervous system and become more flexible responders to life's wobbles. 

Reach out if any questions.

To becoming more flexible responders in life,