Tuning into Our Nervous System To Build Resilience

Tuning into Our Nervous System To Build Resilience
Today’s takeaway is a practice to support the nervous system.

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A practice of grounding:
Tough things happen to all of us. This practice is about coming back, to feeling the ground under our feet, that our lives still go on even in difficulty. Practice in calm times means more resilience when it gets stormy.

Take a moment and let your body settle in.
Become aware of your breath.
Bring a little attention to the ground. How the ground supports the chair that you are sitting on; the ground is the foundation under the house or workspace you are in. 
The ground goes deep into the earth.
Feel how the earth supports you, gives a solid base.
Allow your body to relax a little. Take in feeling supported by a solid base.
Notice the places where you feel supported: your seat, your lower legs, your spine sitting comfortably tall. Wherever you notice your body settling.
Take several breaths, stay connected to the feeling of deep support.
Feel how your body shifts in subtle ways as you take in the feeling of stability.
Calmness, peace.

You might bring to mind an image of a great tree, one that has been rooted for many years, perhaps hundreds of years.
Its steady presence, still and enduring.
Invite your breath to deepen.
Take several breaths. Breathe in strength, breathe out feeling tall and upright.

Imagine the many storms that this tree has weathered, branches broken, fires burnt, limbs fallen down. Yielding to the fury.
Yet it stands tall and mighty, as though these only brought out a deeper rootedness and stillness.
Breathe in rootedness, breathe out your connection to the ground.

Like a great tree, feel the place inside you that is a shelter you can return to when life’s storms are fierce. Feel it in your own body. Letting go, softening, yet firmly rooted.

Take a few moments. Feel the nourishment of your roots, your trunk, your crown, as your whole being settles.

Feel how your body remembers what it's like to settle into stillness after a storm.

About this kind of practice:
We’re strengthening our ability to engage the dorsal vagal part of our nervous system, in its role of giving us experiences of deep stillness. In this place, our digestion is supported, our system feels “at home.” We strengthen our capacity to shift from one experience to another. 

Why practice:
We know that there will be some hard times. Getting a simple practice like this into your life helps you grow a resource of inner calmness that will come to your aid when you need it.

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