Whatever challenges are ahead we will face them better together

Here I want to acknowledge the challenge of climate change, of change itself, and offer the support of good company and practice. Your nervous system is responding to the messages it receives. Coming together with others in a safe and caring environment, exploring skills to help you respond to your nervous system's cues, is a fairly reliable way to come back to your center.

Climate change
Climate change. It continues to hit home where I live.

Our area experiences higher temps and smokier wildfire summers.
Other areas are flooding, having hurricanes, earthquakes, high surfs, increased humidity, volcanic eruptions, losing coastlines. And the list goes on.

My gut is sending me signals. There is a sense of tension that is palpable at times.

I remind myself to accept. There truly are things I cannot change. It's not beingcomplacent or avoiding the facts. This is part of the human curriculum - life is full of change and change is often challenging. 

My family and I, and so many of us make choices to be conscious. Still the collective needs resulting from global climate change are bigger than ever. 

Part of me resists. How did this happen, how have we come to this moment? Yet here I am, here we are. 

Whatever challenges are ahead we will face them better together. Being isolated won't help us find the solutions we need to face these tough times. 

Learning to extend kindness to yourself, in real time, as you learn to manage your system's responses, can be a valuable life skill to embody more and more. 

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