The Client Experience, In Their Own Words...

“This course really helped me tune into my body. I used to believe, “It’s just my body, it’s not me.” Now my body is included in my loving kindness practices. I felt connected to everyone in this course, even in this online format.”
— Rainy Olsen

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“A highlight from the course is trusting myself more. I used to get all wound up, end up feeling blocked and not knowing what was blocking me. Now I know I can take care of myself in new ways. Making the practices practical, bringing calmness to my whole life, was the bing cherry on the cake, the chocolate frosting on top.

Instead of coming from a place of pleasing, a need for approval, or a need that was vague that I thought someone else had to meet .... Now I’m looking at what I can do to meet own needs, not feeling bad, not feeling guilty about having needs.”
— Jan-Joy Sax
“My body has had experiences of chronic pain. During the course when I had pain I was able to turn toward my body, toward the pain, without panic. Panic isn’t so much a part of me anymore.

Now I want to take care of my body. It’s a totally different point of view for me. It’s more like, this can be handled. This is a skill that I can keep growing. I’m moving out of feelings of shut down. I feel more connected.

I was someone who lived from the neck up. It was helpful to get validation. I wasn’t the only one - others in the course had lived from the neck up, too.

I am turning to my body more as a friend instead of thinking harshly about a body image. I have a better feeling about myself.”
— Sue Bettinger

Lauri's Experience

“When the course began I had just experienced a community crisis. With new understanding about the nervous system, I recognize that I moved through various states of the nervous system, danger and life threat. Now I have a name for what I experienced and understand the various stages.

I think this course is life changing. There was so much information that I was seeking that I didn’t know existed. Yet I knew there was another way.

Growing up, I was identified as being someone that was highly sensitive. Over the course, I experienced that my sensitivity was a gift, it allowed me to tune in and be attentive. Instead of being a problem it became a doorway in.

Your way of teaching is gentle, fun and educational. I felt safe and connected.

I was able to look at things I didn’t want to look at. I could address things that may have been too threatening before. I was able to turn toward what had been difficult before, for example, in close relationships, with new awareness, new kindness. 

Like others in the course, I’ve had epiphanies about how I communicate with others. It’s huge. How I communicate with others is changing. I’m using words I wasn’t able to use before.

I feel more connected with myself.”
— Lauri Ann Galindez
“Charlotte has a gift for creating safe environments where people may grow in community. I appreciate her gentle leadership.”
— Shirley Patton
“I’ve enjoyed the whole experience of being in the group because it is fascinating to see how many different ways there are to interpret a single stimulus, through the eyes of different people who have had various life situations.”
— Laurie Rathsam
“What was meaningful to me in the group was the growth of several desirable group attributes: a trusting atmosphere, a sense of group bonding, and unusually close personal relationships, all made possible by a meaningful shared experience.”
— Alan Rathsam
Through this process and during the retreat, I realized it’s extremely important to just do what I need to do to take care of myself and connect with people like this group. I’m doing something I should’ve done a long time ago, and I’m discovering new ways to live life.

The breathing and the concentration on the breathing was one of the biggest takeaways for me. Typically, especially in the evening, as I’m winding down for bed, I will actually do 5 or 6 deep breaths and let them out. But I became more conscious of my breathing during the day, and one of the places I’ve tried to be more conscious of breathing is in the car. If I’m at a stop light and I have time to do even 2 or 3 breaths, I’ll take my hands off of the steering wheel and rest them in my lap with palms up. It’s relaxing, like letting an epic sigh out. It’s a skill that can be used anywhere, and the person next to you doesn’t even know you’re doing it. It seems very simple, but actually incorporating it more and more when you’re not accustomed to stopping and thinking about it is what I’m looking forward to.

I think what I’ve done since taking the workshop, is again to be more conscious of the breathing and to give myself permission to sigh. It’s so simple, but it’s like a washing away of things and it helps the anxiety and concern. I know there’s more that I can apply that I learned in our time together, but I have to tell you the hands on the heart exercise is so simple and easy to do that I want to do more of that. It always goes back to self-care and giving myself permission to do so.”
— Shari O'Neal

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