1 Thing I Learned From Colliding With My Sofa

Getting Up Again Is Easier
I wasn't getting out to water the Tulsi plant my friend had given me. It was time to bring it inside.
I was carrying the plant in from our back porch. I like the friend that gave it to me. Other friends came to mind that inspired us creating a garden sanctuary in our back yard. Our yard grows joy overnight.

I walked in front of the sofa toward the counter that would become the plant's winter home.
Except there was a pillow on the floor, leftover from morning meditation. 

I wasn't looking down at where I was walking.

Time SSSLLLLOOOOOWWWWEEEDDD way down. "S__T!" I exclaimed. I was going down. Imagine the good reflexes I have as a yoga person. To no avail.

When I found my feet underneath me again and became aware of "sensation" in my ribs, I realized I had collided. Later it became clear the collision was with our sofa with rounded arms. I was breathing. Not in excruciating pain. I hadn't been pummeled with the sharp corner of the coffee table. Really, lots to be grateful for. Probably nothing broken. Just bruised on a couple of levels.

I tapped (this is great emergency care - Emotional Freedom Technique). It works with releasing the shock and integrating well-being. And I drew on our apothecary of home remedies.

I had to accept that I had fallen. It hurt my pride. Falling down like that for no good reason. 

Luckily, falling down is not a usual occurrence for me. It reminds why I benefit so much from practices like yoga and meditation, and taking in the good in my life. Rick Hanson says, "when the oatmeal hits the fan..." - that's why I practice. So when the oatmeal hits the fan - when I find myself down literally or figuratively - I can get up again more easily.

I want to invite you to join me for free Mindfulness I'm offering at the Ashland Library this Sunday and through the winter. The info is on the flyer, above. Mindfulness is a great practice for holiday season, for times of change, basically for life.

Here's to two feet on the ground :) and taking in the simple joys in life,