Kicked Out of the Choir? Ain't Stoppin' Me

When I was about a 4th grader I was kicked out of the choir. I wasn't misbehaving, I guess my voice didn't fit in. It was embarrassing as a kid. Red face, not sure what happened.
I’ve been in a couple of choirs since then. Mixed experiences. I loved the music - it was joy. At the same time I was afraid of singing the wrong note or being found out that I couldn't sing. Or being kicked out. 

I love my tenacity to get back on the horse. I'm singing in our local Peace Choir! I learned that I have CONFIDENCE. I am going for the notes I don't exactly understand and learning how to find them. Or I'm better at accepting that I'm not hitting them and sing them more quietly. My brain is learning music. I am not concerned about getting kicked out! I am part of a warm, caring community that sings songs that light me up. I feel safe.  I'm not all bound up inside.This is all something I gave myself.
I've been growing support inside myself. Singing in the Peace Choir this year is an acid test for me. My work of rewiring my brain, Taking in the Good is really creating new possibilities out of old pain. 

Maybe there are things that you have loved doing but something discouraged you and you stopped. You can grow support inside yourself to have the tenacity to get back on your horse. You can learn to rewire your brain to take in the support you need to live the life you want. Research has shown that with some effort you can turn your life around. 

Check out Dr. Rick Hanson's work. I continue my professional development with him. I'm offering a 2017 Study Group based on his work, the 4th time I've offered it. Contact me to find out more.