Where Attention Goes, Neural Networks Flow

"You can use the mind to change the brain to change the mind for the better." Dr. Rick Hanson

Take Care of That Brain!

When you focus on something over and over it creates measurable changes in the brain. Studies have shown this in London taxicab drivers. Taxicab drivers have to memorize a tangle of streets, neighborhoods and roundabouts. The region of the brain that stores information related to spatial orientation was actually measurably bigger in the brains of London's taxicab drivers.

What you focus on grows. Even in difficult times there's lots of little things that actually are good or neutral, not difficult. Your cat still purrs when you pat her, the post office delivers your mail even on hard days, the sun shines, even for moments at a time.

Understanding why to focus on these little things actually has a bigger impact than you imagine. It trains your brain to PAY ATTENTION to the little good things. It doesn't mean that you avoid or ignore the hard things. You actually respond to them with more clarity and calm because of how you've shaped your brain.

"Repeated patterns of mental activity require repeated patterns of neural activity." Dr. Rick Hanson