Our Amazing Brain: Feeling Whole

Our brain is amazing. Here Dr. Rick Hanson explains how a simple practice of engaging our attention strengthens our brain's capacity for feeling wholeness. This is an antidote for feeling separate - from ourselves, from others, from Source. It is a main support in tending to parts inside like the Inner Critic.

"If you practice widening your field of attention to include more of the whole you, this draws on networks specialized for holistic processing, for taking things as a whole. By doing this repeatedly when you have a moment of quiet, you will strengthen the neural networks that support feeling whole, so that you can sustain that sense of wholeness even when the oatmeal hits the fan.

When you open to the whole of your experience, you have more information and can make better decisions. You perceive more fully, seeing the big picture, putting things in perspective. You tune into your body, your heart. You're less fixed or attached in your views. You recognize the good things in and around you that you'd tuned out. You feel more supported, more protected."

This reflection is from Dr. Rick Hanson for the Foundations of Well-Being Program. It is being shared with their kind consent.  www.thefoundationsofwellbeing.com 

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