De-cluttering and making space

These pictures could be of how I felt in my office, before and after a little decluttering!
This week I set aside time to go through files. There wasn't any room in my desk drawer for the new projects that I'll be starting in 2017. When I don't have room in my desk, I don't feel I have room inside. My attention gets pulled toward a nagging sense - I need room to grow.

So I made some. I emptied out about a file drawer's worth of papers that honestly, I likely wouldn't ever look at again. 

It's very connecting for me to put something on paper. I'm starting to understand that this is how I learned to learn. Writing down things is a way that my brain learns. Learning happens for me in the process of writing.

Holding onto what I've written is often like holding onto a great idea I had six months ago. It was a great idea. But that was then. There's been alot of water under the bridge since then. It's time to let the river flow, and me flow with it. 

Plus I continued something. I typed up all my accomplishments of the year. Not to show off to anybody, not to get puffed up. I wanted to acknowledge my good work. It inspires me to want do more!

Maybe it's books, or the kitchen pantry. Or winter clothes. Maybe there's a gazillion coats in the closet and only a couple get worn. You might lighten your load so your new year gets off to a lighter start with room for what you want to bring into your life.