Core Wisdom

Core is tip to toe. Deep to superficial. Front to back.

Beloved goose, full bodied, yet grounded on one leg
almost as much as two.
Your poise is charged with the strength of flight.

Connecting Posture and Inner Core

Even on one leg this goose is being supported by deepest level of inner core. Imagine if this picture were taken of you or me on one leg. :)

Great strength comes up through his webbed foot on the ground. A powerful funnel like shape continues from his breast down into his standing leg.

Wikipedia explains that likely his hind legs are the "primary accelerators when taking off." You can imagine the force in those legs to gain some ground speed before lift off. In this footage you can see the strength conveyed through the legs to the core, taking off on water.

Core strength transforms the natural rounded shapes of this bird on land to the aerodynamic explosive extension of head, neck, truck and legs in flight.

You might watch the video once more and notice this transformation taking place. Feel the synchronized firing of various parts to get ready for his launch. On first glance the process seems subtle but when you watch again, wow! the choreography that is take off and flight. 

Seemingly "different" parts of him: head, neck, breast, leg; head, neck, back, function together in the act of take off and flight. Connected through his core.

What is your inner core?
To be clear I'm referring to an interconnected track of muscles and fascia or connective tissue, that continue deep to/along the front of the body. Basically your inner core goes from your head to your toes.

Your inner core starts on the underside of the feet. It continues through the region that is classically named core, deep at the back of internal abdominal organs and diaphragm.

The deep core runs all along the front of the spine to the base of the skull. The deep core integrates the deep flexing muscles in the front of the neck, up to the jaws and sides of the head.

Take away: When you walk or run, skip rope, swim or prepare to spread your wings and fly, notice if seemingly different parts integrate into making a functional movement. Here's an experiment: Walk a few steps in Super Slow Mo. What happens when you lift one foot to prepare to take a step? Do you notice your core? As you walk think about your movement starting from a deeper place in your gut and extending to your limbs from your core. Give it a try.

Here's inspiration from two teachers. The first is Tom Myers. His work, that I've chewed on literally since the late 1990s, makes sense to me in a way that I can now share in my work. Thank you, Positive Neuroplasticity for helping my brain to learn in new ways.

The second is a brief interview with Doug Keller. I studied with Doug recently and very much resonate with his work too.

Tom Myers: fascia, fascia, fascia - expand your body-based wisdom

Doug Keller on You Tube 

 Doug Keller's Yoga Journal article: yoga experiments for your neck

Hope you find something useful.