Meeting the Divine Messengers

" become divine messengers, the facts of aging, illness, and death must jolt us into an awareness of the fragile, precarious nature of our normal day-to-day lives." Bhikkhu Bodhi

This precious human life. 

Meeting sickness, old age and death as Divine Messengers, describe a classical Buddhist perspective about how to greet the inevitable changes we all face in our lives. It is a very alive and important teaching for me right now.

Meeting inevitable change and the suffering it brings is a relevant truth regardless of our tradition or no tradition.

There is suffering as the body changes. I want the body to not suffer. Yet there is suffering. The body changes, the mind changes, everything changes. 

With grace and wisdom we may learn to greet suffering in new ways that don't make suffering increase, don't deny it or sweep it under the rug. To honor suffering as The Holy Wake Up To This Moment Call.

For me, rewiring the brain helps me be a better friend in greeting these Divine Ones, for moments at a time. Taking in Love is an ongoing rewiring practice. Love's big open arms hold me deeply as I continue to learn to accept the realities of change, of suffering, a few breaths at a time.

Inspired by "Meeting the Divine Messengers", by Bhikkhu Bodhi. 

Click here to listen to Tara Brach interview Frank Ostaseski about Heavenly Messengers.

Coming Soon! Meditations and Relaxations for your Healing Journey

These recordings will soon be available for you!
I produced this CD last year through a  generous collaboration with Providence Medical Center, Leila J. Eisenstein Breast Center, Medford.

Upcoming event:

Lessons from Listening to Yourself
for Beginning Gardeners

Tues., May 23rd, 6:30 - 8:30 pm,
North Mountain Park, Ashland

Maybe you are a little intimidated about gardening.

In this workshop you’ll explore how you can relate to yourself in ways that help you grow connected to your garden. Maybe there’s a voice inside that criticizes you for not knowing how to handle simple garden chores. Or do you stop short because you might fail? Or maybe you expect perfection.

You’ll learn 3 basic tips to rewire the inner critic voices and listen for the gardening wisdom already growing inside you. Bring yourself “home” to your garden.

Bring journaling supplies. Please register online or call the Nature Center at 541-488-6606.