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Luscious Yoga 

To me practicing yoga poses is like enjoying a warm, ripe peach just picked. 
Practice is more about a natural mellowing to become full bodied. 

Why I practice

  • When I was 18, I started to practice yoga because I wanted to be spiritual.
  • When I was in my 20s I practiced yoga because I felt I needed to redeem my teen age years.
  • When I was in my 30s I practiced yoga to become a yoga teacher.
  • When I was in my 40s I practiced yoga because I had benefitted from adapting yoga therapeutically in my own body. I wanted to share skills that were meaningful for me - how to relieve back pain, how to adapt movements appropriately. 
  • When I was in my 50s I practiced yoga with a strong conviction to help people keep their bodies moving and to stay connected with their own well-being and vitality. It's important to have energy in order to fulfill the heart's longings. 
  • This year I turn 60. I practice yoga because it has been an anchor for me in the changing experiences of my life. I practice because I am privileged with over four decades of practice. I practice because I teach and offer yoga therapy for persons integrating trauma, breast cancer, maturing, grief, anxiety, depression, chronic needs.
  • I believe in the brain's capacity to change. Being mindful of our body's sensations, for example, while relaxed, can start to experientially shift our brain into the repair mode - the mode that we need for maintaining health. 

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