Loving What Is Ours to Love

Here's a favorite poem of Mary Oliver's, Mindful.

Present Centered Mind/Body Experiential Programs
To slow down and appreciate this moment of time in our lives is always surprising and beautiful, as poet Mary Oliver writes about in her poem. In response to some requests I've received, including one from inside my own heart, I'll be leading two day long programs on July 22, and Oct. 21.

The themes of these day longs are body and mind integration, loving this body as an expression of the gift of life itself. Breathing into the greater fullness that is opening inside us. Giving voice to what is deep in our hearts. Exploring how our beautiful brains are continually open to new growth. Engaging with the wisdom of being present in authentic and experiential ways. 

Mark the dates, more details will be coming. Early birds will get a discount. If you know of someone that might be interested, I'd appreciate if you shared this with them. Thank you.

Spring Yoga
Spring Yoga bursts forth! A new series will start later this month and continue into June. Please be in touch for more details.

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