Free Body Reading

If you're like many of us you've spent more time taking your car in for maintenance than you have paying attention to your body! That's why I'm offering  a Free Body Reading. Read on....

You'll benefit 3 ways:
1. The body that you live in, wrinkles and all, is the same body that you take to yoga classes, to your workout, to Zumba, to drumming, to gardening, to playing with your grandkids. It is useful to have some idea of what your body needs in terms of strength and flexibility, so you can keep doing the things you love. A Body Reading is a good step towards that.
Where are the places in your body that need some TLC?
2. Your body is unique. In fact it's even unique relative to the body you had 20 or even 10 or 5 years ago.
Our bodies are always changing. Yet too often we get stuck in doing the same old same old, as if we haven't changed at all. A Body Reading is a Wake Up and Take a Good Look opportunity to get a fresh perspective.
How does your body organize itself? Could it use some support to organize itself in new ways?
3. Best of all, this is offered for free. You don't need to sign up for anything else (you can if you want to.) Part of my work is to educate. One of the things I educate about is how to help your body last, function, move and breathe with greater ease and care.
4. Learn to feel grateful for you body in new ways. Your body responds to your feelings of gratitude.

With your Free Body Reading you get a Sweet Discount off Private Yoga with me. I'm just saying. Scoop this up - offer ends June 30.


Click and watch a 10-minute TED talk given by Louie Schwartzberg, Time lapse photographer, entitled: Nature. Beauty. Gratitude. Or this really quick interview from Huffington Post, that he gave with Oprah about the monarch butterfly migration. Take away: Consider planting some milkweed. From, an online source: "Monarchs cannot survive without milkweed; their caterpillars only eat milkweed plants (Asclepias spp.), and monarch butterflies need milkweed to lay their eggs."

Milkweed has a non-invasive variety with thinner leaves and orange rather than purplish flowers. I bought mine from the Wagon Wheel folks, Tuesday Grower's Market, Ashland.

Dhani Harrison (George Harrison's son) from his group's album Fistful of Mercy, this Official Video Song, from You Tube: With Whom You Belong. I love the words of the chorus.

And thanks to everybody that supports/supported our Peace Choir, came to the concert last week, and sent warm vibes our way. The concert rocked and we had a blast.

Last, on the topic of friends. Wow. Big shout out to my friends from another lifetime. I recently reunited with my dearest girlfriend and other friends from Kripalu Center. Some of us go back to 1976. We were part of the Consciousness Wave that brought yoga and meditation to these United States. Our work landed these practices, this outlook and way of living, firmly on new shores. I'm really proud of our accomplishments that have touched literally hundreds of thousands of lives. Including my own.