Looking Out, Looking In

Nature gives me opportunities to look inside in new ways.

Moon Bathing
I've recently said "yes," inside myself to a new project that is stretttttttching me. Since saying "yes," I've woken up in the night with two million ideas swimming around in my head.

Instead of thinking about them and evaluating them, for what might feel like an eternity, I've gotten out of bed and walked outside. The moon was in her waxing phase, moving toward full.

In the yoga therapy tradition that I'm certified in, the full moon light represents soothing energies, gentle and kind.  In meditative practice we might imagine taking in the light, letting those qualities wash over any anxieties, busyness of mind, too much thinking.

For me spending too much in my head doesn't help work out problems, especially if my wheels are stuck spinning around in a mud puddle. To soothe myself when my mind is agitated is to be dedicated to my own well-being enough to not dwell too much in my head.

Standing in this circle, feeling the bright, gentle moonlight, I gave myself a big hug. It was a hug that for me as a nature lover, was filled with full moon light; filled with the care of so many friends and loved ones. That love went right in, comforting those tender places inside.

It's kind of cool to see how much there is to focus on in nature that lets my attention/energy/mood shift, to come back to the present, to Things As They Are. I wonder how and where this shows up in your life?

This taking in kind of practice begins to rewire our brain and makes a stronger groove each time we do it.

@2017, Charlotte Nuessle