After making a pair of sock puppets that were well received, I lost interest. I've felt some obligation to hold onto the stuff - the stick-on goofy eyes, the multi-colored yarn - but have no desire to craft anymore.  

Guilt has kept me holding onto to stuff like this. "I should do more."

Many little things have an association of someone I love, have cared about, has cared about me. They often mean a great deal to me.
Letting Go

When I let go my insides let go. And then I realize I've been holding on when really, maybe it's time to let go. 

On that subject, here's a poem, a gift from my neighbor Lisa. It speaks to the ultimate practice of letting go.
She Let Go:

Taking in the Good: Saying Good-bye to Little Things First
5 Thoughts I'm Pondering

1. Respect personal history. Loss is a real deal. When we've lost much, little things seem to matter more.

2. Sometimes I can touch a good-bye lightly without getting swept away out to sea without a rudder.

At other times I've tried too hard and held more than I possibly could. Holding on for dear life.

This time can be different. Touching lightly, coming back, a steady moment again.

3. Celebrate love - good times -  caring - those moments of glueing the eyes on and seeing who those socks wanted to be.

4. Being held by all that is true and good. How it has been and always is part of us even when we have to leave it.

5. Saying good-bye, at times with help from friends and loved ones, with phone calls, taking breaks, not alone.

Simplifying with its own rewards - more room inside. Slowing down, letting that take hold. A deep breath. A new moment.

May it be so in a way that heals, opens, releases.

Deepest gratitude to the life that we all share in this breath.