The Foundations of Well-Being Study Group: 

An Immersion in Shaping Your Brain Toward the Good 

(For Grounded and Kind Lifelong Learners That Are Ready to Prioritize Living More Fully)


Learn about our brain and it’s vast innate structures. Engage in simple practices that contribute to healing, happiness, and strength. Stand for yourself like nobody else can.

In this Study Group you will:

  • Get leverage on how to navigate negativity. 
  • Learn from others that you are not alone in suffering.
  • Discover the value of turning toward yourself with kindness.
  • Strengthen your capacity to come back after difficult situations.
  • Have opportunities to be amused at how this is all so simple and profound.

You'll have an opportunity to:

  • Be part of a dedicated group experience that blends neuroscience + meditation + grounding in body-centered explorations + personal development.
  • Reach out with a question during special live “office hours".
  • You’ll also have a 1:1 session with me. This supports you in bringing this material “home” in a relevant way.

This Study Group is offered as an adjunct to Dr. Rick Hanson’s online course. The nature of the group is real time sharing - always optional - and a willingness to be vulnerable. You’ll need to enroll in his course to join this Study Group. Our group gets a sweet discount on his course.

PLUS, a special gift from Dr. Rick Hanson! When you register, you'll also receive a copy of his new book that will be out in March, 2018. Check it out here:

I have found that I resonate so deeply with this work. I’ve studied with Dr. Hanson and continue to integrate this model into my daily life and work. This will be the fifth time I’ve offered this study group. I’m a yoga therapist, certified internationally, C-IAYT. My background is in gerontology, a 24-year career adapting yoga, meditation and personal development for seniors and elders. I specialize in Trauma-Sensitive Yoga, in supporting women on healing journeys of all kinds, and I teach an online experiential course on understanding our nervous system's needs.

Barbara Hinds.JPG
“The main thing I’ve gotten from the Foundations of Well-Being study group is that I have a strong sense that things can gives me hope.
It’s okay for me to want things to change.
I can continue to work on them, I can work on changing my reactions.
It’s possible to rewire your brain.”
— Barbara Hinds, Retired R.N., Talent, Oregon
“This program has improved every relationship I have. I am a different person. I have finally realized, that the happiness I so deeply desired was hiding in plain sight. I had long thought that the world around me needed to change so that I could be happy. Through this program I have finally come to realize that happiness depends upon me, not circumstance.”

— Jolene Monheim, Medford

Here are a few logistics you need to know about:

We start with two welcome sessions to get us warmed up on:

  • Friday, Feb. 16th, 6:30pm - 8:30pm.
  • Saturday, Feb. 17th, 9:30am - 4:30pm.

Then, we work together live as a group for 6 weeks on:

  • Sundays, from 3pm - 5pm. 
  • Group meeting dates are: Feb. 25th, March 4th, 18th, 25th, April 8th, 15th.*
  • *A continuing group will be offered throughout the year. Integration weeks are March 11th & April 1st (no group).

Peace House, 543 S. Mountain Ave., Ashland, OR

And at The Hannon Library at SOU, Ashland, OR


The Study Group Fee is: $399.

A payment plan is available.

$133 x 3. ($133 deposit paid by Feb. 12th; $133 paid by Mar. 12th; $133 paid by Apr. 12th.)

Payments are non-refundable. Your payment is transferrable to other courses/services for 6 months.

If you'd like to explore working with me, let's chat! I get a lot out of connecting with you one on one. I answer any questions you might have to be sure this is a good fit. Click here to find a good time to chat.

Curious about what happens behind the scenes? Check out my chat with two previous study group participants below.