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 We Can Change Our Brains For Our Whole Life


Feeling Good from the Inside Out: A Great Way to Change Your Brain and Your Life

Podcast Four: We Can Take in the Good for Our Whole Lives

Last time we talked about how easy it is for our attention to go to the negative. Our brains are really fast at remembering what felt like danger in the past to keep us safe from that kind of situation in the future. When our brains are on red alert we can overestimate the challenge in front of us and underestimate our ability to cope with it.

Understanding this is helpful. We can start to recognize when this kind of focusing on the negative is happening in the moment.

Today I’ll share a couple of benefits of taking in the good. Taking in the good starts

to make a shift in meeting our brain’s needs to feel safe, satisfied, and connected. It’s easy to not pay attention to our brain’s natural needs. We can tell ourselves things like our needs aren’t that important, or how can we focus on taking in the good when there is so much suffering around us?

Funny thing is that we have more to give, more compassion toward others, more openness to cooperate, more creativity, more ability to bounce back after difficulty when we grow inner resources. We start to fill in the gaps of what’s been hard to manage or places it feels like something’s missing, or where we’re too hard on ourselves.

For all of us there were times when our needs to feel safe, satisfied and connected weren’t met. If this happened over and over, if at a younger age our caregivers missed what we needed, then we developed ways to manage. Those are part of us and part of our brain.

The good news is that it’s not too late to create new ways to manage earlier challenges. We can change our brain all through our life. We can learn to take in the qualities that might have been lacking in some way at an earlier time.

Our caregivers likely did their best. Now we can continue where they left off, shaping our brains in new ways.

One way we can do this is by noticing the many moments in our day that are good and learn to notice the good feelings that come with them.

Taking in the good is like taking Vitamin C when we have a cold. It gives us a boost. When we take in the good we are changing our brains. This is helpful because we

can get tunnel vision after we go through a difficult time. We can miss the good things that are around us in an ordinary life and focus on what might go wrong.

Today notice if there are good things that might have gone unnoticed. Pay a little more attention to them. Maybe start a journal. Jot down the little things that are good. Nothing is too small. In fact our brains learn drop by drop, moment by moment. The little things really matter.

Thanks for joining me. Bye for now.