Interview With Guest Expert, Deb Dana, LCSW



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What are the States of Our Autonomic Nervous System?

States of our Autonomic Nervous System 9:18

How each state has something to offer 8:04, 40:26

Autonomic Nervous System Hierarchy 8:04, 12:08, 19:52, 38:55

Dorsal Vagal System 8:28, 40:54

Sympathetic Nervous System 9:55

Ventral Vagal System 10:45

Autonomic Nervous System (ANS): Anatomical Perspective

ANS: Anatomical Perspective 20:32

Understanding new research re: PVT in light of previous understanding 24:44

Social Engagement System

Basics of Social Engagement System 26:58

Tone of Voice 1:00:30, Chanting Om 1:19:15, Music and States/Shifts 1:20:15

Neutral Face 1:01:00

Social Engagement as doorway to Ventral Vagal 1:15:02

Touch 1:35:30

Neuroception and Becoming More Self-Aware

What is neuroception? 30:22

Why do we need to bring awareness to neuroception? 33:04, 50:02

What are the messages we’re getting? 34:11

Top down 35:30

Bi-directional 35:56

Ancient Ways of Knowing 55:25

Common experiences of dys-regulation 1:00:50

ANS State comes first; then Story  17:12, 18:33, 33:42, 35:38, 39:18, 1:12:39


What is regulation?  1:22:33



Sensations of co-regulation; beliefs about being independent 28:00 

How our system was shaped 43:06, 59:54, 1:01:42

What our society values 1:04:15

Understanding co-regulation and self-regulation 1:04:15

Each of us has different needs for co-regulation 1:05:00, 1:10:00

Beyond right and wrong 1:25:15

Other ways to co-regulate 1:26:00

Rupture and Repair 1:24:15

In Death and Dying 1:33:10


How to Re-pattern NS  37:25

Context: Shifts in ANS - up and down the ANS hierarchy 13:22

Notice and Name  16:23

Self-awareness: What does my system need right now 1:10:00, 1:12:52

Rewiring with Remembered/Imagined Reciprocity 1:13:24

Be with Difficulties while Safely Regulated 50:33

Moving through States with Social Engagement System 1:16:15

Repairs Create Resilience 1:24:40

Deb’s mannequin exercises 1:30:45

Self-care: each of us will respond differently 1:38:40

Deb’s Guided Meditation, Feeling Face Heart Connection 1:41:47

Into our Day  1:28:00

How We Shift States in our Nervous System

Vagal brake 46:45

Toning/exercising the vagal brake 1:21:04

Shifts toward Ventral Vagal work while in other States 39:28, 40:30, 48:56

As we relate to and are impacted by our culture 51:42

NS Flexibility and Reactivity 1:22:00


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