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Welcome to this short course called Feeling Good from the Inside Out! I've designed Feeling Good to support you in learning a basic life practice that brings more resilience, ease and happiness into your life. What you’ll gain from engaging in the daily practices inside this course is a new way to strengthen the capacity of directing your attention. 
Where we place attention, whether on worrying or on recognizing what’s good in life right now, is incredibly important. This gift of directing our own attention is often underutilized. It is a lifelong resource.
Each day, for a week, you'll receive a new audio podcast. Plan on spending about 20 to 30 minutes a day. I've included daily practices and reflection questions for journaling that are based on the work of Dr. Rick Hanson. You'll take away a deeper capacity to be touched by the simple goodness in an ordinary life.
Get acquainted with this new awareness. Get creative about how to bring it alive in many areas of your life.
Your brain is shaped by what you focus on. In this course you’ll focus on qualities of connection and ease. You’ll practice bringing these qualities into your life in an embodied way.
It is never too late to begin or begin again. I am so happy to be sharing this journey with you. Reach out if you want to share your learning, or if you have any questions. Email is best!

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Intro Bonus


Here’s the link to a short, simple video that illustrates neuroplasticity.