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Hear from participants in Strengthen Your Resilience: Monthly Membership

Jamie McLean,  Ashland, OR

Jamie McLean,

Ashland, OR

"It is hard to say what is the best part because there were so many parts that made the experience so powerful. Charlotte's compassionate presence, in-depth knowledge, authentic sharing of her human experience and skillful facilitation. In addition, the wonderful small group of participants and the safe connection that is created with each woman as practice partners, has been another essential piece to my healing and developing resilience. Finally, the practices that we have done from Linda Graham's book, Resilience, have been profoundly transformative.

I have been a psychotherapist for over 25 years and have studied with some of the nation's leading professionals. I have integrated many valuable practices into my life and way of being but the support of the Monthly Membership has deepened my appreciation for the power of community with like minded learners who are engaged in supporting each other's self-care and continual growth."

We all get so busy. Maybe you’re interested in getting back to a personal practice that has fallen away. Maybe you’re getting back on your feet after an illness or challenging time. Or you want to connect with some other like-minded folks.

Pick up threads that you are curious to weave into your life now: core practices and principles to apply in a new way, in a new season of life.

Strengthen Your Resilience might be a fit for you. It’s my monthly membership program.

Resilience is about continuing to strengthen how we respond to challenges in life, to have more ability to flow and come back into balance after our boat gets rocked.

Here’s how the membership will work:

  • We’ll meet together as a group live twice each month.

  • I’ll guide a body-centered, gentle yoga practice, self-awareness or other resilience practice, focus the practice on how to respond to life’s challenges with greater resilience; and invite you to reflect through journaling and creatively.

  • You’ll connect with each other and share learning together as a group.

  • You’ll have a practice partner for the month to share your insights, learnings and for support with taking your next step.

  • We’ll meet together 45 minutes - 90 minutes, depending on group size, per session two times monthly, online via Zoom.

The practices will help you continue to care for your body; manage your nervous system; and rewire your brain. We may include practices described in Resilience,Hardwiring Happiness, and Relaxercise.

The monthly rate is $97. Or you have an option to join for three months, $249. - a $42. savings. Book fees will be additional.

The nuts and bolts of what you can expect in this membership are resilience, practice, community, body-centered, self-aware and on board.

Here’s what I mean:

Resilience means you can locate resources that reliably get you back on track. Practice means you’re committed to come back again and again to feeling home inside.

Practices include those I share as well as those you feel an affinity with. Body centered means you’re going to be kind to your body in the process. You’re going to actively engage with your body in gentle practices. Self-awareness means you’re aware of places where it’s hard. You’re aware of when you feel good. You’re aware that your actions, thoughts and choices make a difference.

Onboard means you’re going to invest in yourself when you join this membership. You’re going to make this time count for yourself and others.

Community means that you care for other members of the group and want to lift them up with your encouragement, as you want to be lifted up.

Interested? Does this sound like an ideal next step for you?

I want to support you and learn with you on this journey. Let’s set up a free 20-minute chat to get to know each other. I can help guide you in considering whether this feels like a good fit. Just click here to find a time. If none of these work we’ll find one that does.

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Feel free to share this offering with anyone that might benefit or be interested.

Reach out if any questions.

About Charlotte


Charlotte is an internationally certified yoga therapist, with 27 years experience adapting body-based and self-awareness practices for mature adults. Specializing in gerontology, understanding the nervous system and positive neuroplasticity..

From 1976, Charlotte dedicated 19.5 years in service at Kripalu Center, culminating as Yoga faculty for four years. She was part of the wave that landed yoga, meditation and holistic health in our mainstream culture.

She specializes in Gerontology, adapting yoga & meditation in senior living communities. She consults with those on healing journeys, with breast cancer as well as teaches Trauma Sensitive Yoga.

Her cutting edge work blends positive neuroplasticity with current research re: our nervous system, to offer authentic experiences of body/mind integration in her new online course, Tuning Into Your Nervous System & Trusting Its Goodness.

If you'd like to explore working with me 1:1, let's chat! I get a lot out of connecting with you, so I'm happy to answer any questions you might have to be sure this is a good fit. Click here to find a good time to chat, or simply send me an email.