The brain is being shaped by what you focus on and “practice” over and over in daily life thoughts, feelings and actions. What is truly worthwhile to focus on?

Body Dharma

My body is there in each moment in small ways and in big ways, as I wake up to the gift of my life. Body dharma is learning to treat the body like a lifelong friend. As I've learned to treat my body with care I discovered that I can treat all of myself with care. I treat others with care. Then as the poet Naomi Shihab Nye wrote, "it is only kindness that makes sense anymore."

Positively Wonderful Brain

The brain is limitless in its capacity to rewire itself.

I have a background in gerontology, the study of aging, which is my area of specialty. I've heard this idea about the brain's capacity to rewire itself tossed around for decades. When I really experienced it it resonated with a big "Yes."  My brain is being shaped by what I focus on and "practice" over and over in daily life thoughts, feelings and actions. What is truly worthwhile to focus on? In meditation, on retreat, in workshops and study groups, I share with you evidence based and ancient wisdom practices. You'll discover simple ways to immerse yourself in the wonderful parts of being human.

Wisdom of Warmth

The practice of giving kindness and compassion to myself as well as others trains my brain to be nourished in the wisdom of warmth. This warmth is important for repairing and refueling the body, calming and settling the mind. I offer small group settings to provide safe, supportive places of caring and attentive listening. In this kind of warmth you'll keep blooming your unique gifts: greater self-worth, ease towards life, motivation, self-expression, what fills your heart, what motivates you in service. 

Next Steps

I bring relevant, simple, transformational awareness alive in daily living. Giving you tools to grow confidence in caring for your body through adaptive yoga, living with your inner strengths through embodied coaching, and claiming what brings you fulfillment through personal growth.

Request a free 20-minute chat to explore how you can grow stronger inside. My work helps you transform the weight of living from old patterns and opens up the possibilities of living a more fulfilled life.

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I look forward to sharing this life's journey.