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“What was meaningful to me in the group was the growth of several desirable group attributes: a trusting atmosphere, a sense of group bonding, and unusually close personal relationships, all made possible by a meaningful shared experience.” - Alan Rathsam

I'd enjoy helping you deepen your practice and build momentum from the journey that began in our course,Tuning in. If this has been a useful journey that you've benefited from and you're interested in continuing to work with me, I'm happy to offer this opportunity! Details below...

Next Steps is opportunity to give yourself space and support to grow inner resources that become foundations for your life: self-awareness, kindness, and self-caring.

Incorporating body-based wisdom into your lifestyle helps you learn in an integrated way, breath by breath, choice by choice.

Tuning In Practice Group: Next Steps

We’ve built a community. We are learning to speak the same language of understanding your nervous system. It’s a rich process that is reshaping your nervous system. 

To grow inner resources of being safely connected with others, having experiences of being safely connected in daily life is key.

Practice Group: Continuing to grow in a safely connected community

In this group you will:

Dedicate time to actively reshape your nervous system. Make reshaping your nervous system a more conscious part of your life.

Continue to deepen self-awareness in awareness practices such as meditation, breathing practices, and gentle yoga.

Nurture yourself through self-care and kindness in acknowledging your needs for connection.

Logistics You Need to Know


About Our Group:

The program will start mid April and run through June. We’ll meet by Zoom 3 x a month (we'll figure out the dates), an hour each. 

Plus you'll meet with me one-on-one, for 30 minutes per month, to continue to tailor your learning and meet yourself and your circumstances with new insight and energy.

There will be recommended reading and/or practices from our recent course.

As you continue to share learning and growth, you'll meet with a practice partner for about 30 minutes each week.

Fee: $597.  
3 month Payment Plan is available: $199 per month.

Registration closes on April 2nd. Reach out if you have questions.

If you'd like to explore working with me 1:1, let's chat! I get a lot out of connecting with you, so I'm happy to answer any questions you might have to be sure this is a good fit. Click here to find a good time to chat, or simply send me an email.