Tuning Into Your Nervous System and Trusting Its Goodness

Join Charlotte in a rich, personal sized online exploration of how to listen to the signals that come from our body/nervous system.

This course is created for anyone that is dedicated to personal self exploration through building inner strengths of self-awareness, self-acceptance and kindness. And it’s also for professionals that integrate Mindfulness into their work with others.

This course is unique in several ways:

  • Charlotte integrates current research experientially. You explore how to apply your insights, so it makes a difference in your life, work and relationships.

  • Online learning that isn’t cookie cutter! Each session is live and interactive. Charlotte makes sure you get all your questions answered.

  • You begin to rewire your nervous system. You meet in a small, supportive learning community of 6 participants who want to share this journey.

You’ll have optional gentle, adaptive yoga and awareness practices that give insight to the subtle workings of your nervous system.

By learning to turn toward, instead of ignoring or avoiding inner messages that can be uncomfortable, you reinforce the choice to slow down and notice your own needs.

While the core curriculum is the same in each program, our time together is unique to you, and your community of peers for this round. You'll also have an opportunity to book a 1:1 chat with Charlotte to make sure we've covered everything.

Plus, you’ll learn from guest expert, Deb Dana, LCSW, whose work focuses on making understanding the nervous system’s evolution and needs, interesting and practical.

You step into a transformational process. Your new understanding about your own system and needs, builds a stronger foundation in supporting yourself and others.

The next course starts in late May 2018. Jump on the waitlist by signing up below, or simply email Charlotte at charlotte@charlottenuessle.com.

When you sign up, Charlotte will contact you to schedule a 25 minute chat to answer your questions.