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Strengthen Your Resilience: Monthly Membership!

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How to Contact Me

Reach out anytime if you have a question. The best way to contact me is by e-mail. You'll usually get a reply within 24 hours.

My email address is:

Prep Your Tech

(1.) Right now, download and login to Zoom. (It's free.)

(2). Use this quick guide to make sure you've got the right tech setup.

Don't ever hesitate to ask me a question or share your candid thoughts. Simply reply to this email, or any email I send during the program.

Where We'll Meet for The Live Program

We'll use Zoom to connect via live video. You'll be able to see me. I'll be able to see you. I'll be able to share my screen, and you'll be able to share yours. Keep in mind, the program also comes with a recording of everything we do. (Important Note: I recommend you use the video option, but you can also call into Zoom using any phone line. (That's one of the reasons I picked Zoom. It's been reliable for me, and I like to use tools my clients can easily use too!)

How To Connect For Our Live Calls

  1. Zoom Video. This is how you join all calls:

  2. (If you have issues with video, call in. +1-783-134-7398, PIN:7831347398#)

How To Prep For The Program

Be sure to add our sessions to your calendar, including live office hours.

Program Recordings

Inside the portal I'll include a recording of the entire program.

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