Foundations of Well-Being Study Group:

What was meaningful to me in the group was the growth of several desirable group attributes: a trusting atmosphere, a sense of group bonding, and unusually close personal relationships, all made possible by a meaningful shared experience.  The guided study sessions and study-buddy meetings inspired helpful diverse discussions about the use of course resources to achieve well-being.  These discussions frequently included insightful personal experiences in which course resources were applied with immediate benefit.

In his online course, Dr. Rick Hansen has provided a comprehensive definition of well-being.  His resources in the 12 pillars and the “H.E.A.L.” process provide a powerful structured learning experience and practice for personal well-being.  This course and the science of brain neuroplasticity have given me new insights and a conscious awareness of the mind’s capacity to create and maintain well-being. 

~ Alan Rathsam, Ashland, OR

What I enjoyed and what resonated deeply within me most about the study groups, were the interviews conducted with the various experts in their fields.  I've been particularly moved by Dr. James Doty's interview and the subsequent reading of his book, "Into the Magic Shop".  

I've enjoyed the whole experience of being in the group because on the one hand, it is fascinating to see how many different ways there are to interpret a single stimulus, through the eyes of different people who have had various life situations; on the other hand it is just as interesting to see how much we all have in common while learning about the different pillars and what they can teach us.  

~ Laurie Rathsam, Ashland, OR

I feel so grateful for the wonderful benefits of the Foundations program--and those benefits continue!   I smile when I think of you and all you teach by HOW you teach!

- Jen Miatke, Ashland, OR

Charlotte has a gift for creating safe environments where people may grow in community.  I appreciate her gentle leadership.  Strangers quickly become friends in a respectful atmosphere full of stories, laughter,  and reflection.

~ Shirley Patton, Ashland, OR

Your genuineness touches my heart.

- Sue Tschol, Eagle Point, OR

Charlotte Nuessle is an insightful, caring teacher who truly helps people learn to treat themselves with love and respect.

- Nicole Morgan, Registered Dietician/Nutrition Professional, Ashland, OR

Related teaching:

Charlotte has brought so much to my breast cancer survivorship classes here at the Breast Center. She has an uncanny ability to blend gentle movement, mindfulness, and self- discovery that resonate with all the women attending the classes.

She is thoughtful, compassionate, intelligent, and has a wonderful sense of humor.  I really admire her teaching style and her warmth.  

~ Kate Newgard, Oncology Nurse Navigator
Leila J. Eisenstein Breast Center, Providence Medford Medical Center, Medford, OR

Charlotte has been facilitating the online, global, study group follow up work on Rick Hanson's "Positive Neuroplasticity Training," of which I am a part.  She brings her warm, very knowledgeable, presence and excellent facilitation skills to our group work.     

- Rima Levine, Energy worker, Vancouver, B.C. 

I loved it. Charlotte handled everything with a calm presence that set the stage for good work. I have personally needed the calming strategy she taught us, and used it, meditating on safety and protection.  I've been doing those ten second meditations and it’s really helped. Her one-hour free introduction made me wish I could have attended the full class. 

~ Karen McClintock, Ashland, OR

From Yoga participants:

"Thank you so much for the tenderness and care you offered during my body reading. I was amazed at your observations and professional skills, as well as your centeredness and compassion and insight. Thank you."

- Mary Piper, Ashland, OR

"I have really enjoyed being in your class. I feel that the learning experience is just right for me. I enjoy the meditation part of the class as well as the gentle moves. I love your accepting and non-judgmental attitude."

- Linda Moreland, Ashland, OR

Charlotte has a way about her, both professional and warmly personal.  She has many skills to offer as a yoga therapist, but perhaps the most helpful are that she asks good questions, listens deeply and creates a uniquely individualized plan of action. I didn't really know what to expect from our weekly private sessions.  It had been a long time since I had been in yoga practice regularly, and I was in crisis over my deteriorating ability to breathe.  To which I felt myself cry a resolute, "No!"  I started a new asthma medication,  and I called Charlotte. I remembered that in yoga as in life, breath is everything.  Working together, by the end of five weeks, I feel, quite simply, that I have regained control of my health.  And I have learned skills for an ongoing practice to keep it that way.

Lin Richard, Ashland, OR

Charlotte Nuessle has brilliantly blended the self-care practices of yoga with Rick Hanson’s work on neuroplasticity.  Retraining my brain to focus more attention on the positive experiences of my life has greatly enhanced my attitude and well-being.  My daily yoga practice has become richer, deeper and a time that I relish. 

~ Laura Winslow, Yoga Therapist, Central Point, OR

"Rarely do I get to take such delight in writing a referral for someone. If you're about to work with Charlotte in virtually any capacity I can think of, you are in for a good experience. I have known her for a period of five years. Our relationship extends from doctor-patient to teacher-student, I being the student.

I have sent patients of mine to her because of her skill and care in yoga. I have been involved with her economically because I manage a space she rented. I invited her to teach yoga at my meditation retreats. In every stage of interaction, from vision to reliability and honesty, she is straight-forward and uncomplicated. She is especially talented in her teaching of yoga. Charlotte is skilled, encouraging and constantly seeking to learn more about her profession." 

Dr. Dean Nelson, Network Chiropractor, Windhorse Healthcare, Kailua, O'ahu

As for the most useful part - it was the careful attention to what the various body parts were doing….you are very thorough and supportive of each participant and her abilities.  That makes for a relaxing atmosphere of acceptance.

- Pix M., Ashland, OR

I have been attending Charlotte's yoga classes for several years.  She is very knowledgeable about the body and it's functions and limitations.  She tuned into each of us with the poses, guiding and giving feedback.  It always felt very personal, like a private class.  Although most of the poses seemed simple, they were in fact very beneficial. I never worried that I would be pushed too far but always felt safe.

As a teacher, Charlotte was very enthusiastic about our practice.  She was always taking classes, reading, learning new things to teach us.  Her directions were always clear and understandable and she was very aware of each of us. She corrected us when necessary, always ask how we were feeling to be sure we were not straining anything.  She also led us in mindful meditations and encouraged us to practice at home.  She was kind, respectful and very generous.

One of the things I learned while working with Charlotte was to feel much more connected to my body and be grateful for it.  Simple poses done correctly really work.  She also worked with us and helped us plan a practice at home that was appropriate for each of us.  I learned poses that have really made a difference in tension in my neck and shoulders and an awareness of my feet.  

Charlotte is an excellent teacher of yoga and life.  I'm so glad I was able to practice with her.

~ Lynn T., Ashland, OR


Charlotte is seriously interested in each individual's precise health conditions, his/her limitations and aches and pains. She then tailors suggestions and comments for each of us in her classes.  In addition, she introduces us to new concepts and understandings about our bodies and helps us learn how to live  more easily in peace and with gratitude.  Her caring generosity and her vast knowledge about "the body" is rare and amazing.  It is a special gift for the dedicated student! 

- Pat Stocker, Medford, OR

"At middle age my back went out for the first time and I decided to make yoga a consistent part of my life. I was drawn to Charlotte's "gentle adaptive" approach and experienced immediate results from her simple yet powerful instruction. Since that time I have found Charlotte's class to be a wholly supportive environment where I am encouraged to deepen my practice. She adapts so well to individual needs, and generously suggests poses to do on my own as well. The breathing techniques have contributed significantly to my body awareness and relaxation. As my overall health has improved and my life become more active, I continue to enjoy the stimulating, stabilizing, nurturing and joyfully conscious atmosphere Charlotte offers in her home studio."
- Dia P., Ashland, OR (formerly of Ashland)

"As a teacher of Viniyoga, Charlotte has the ability to not only connect with me as a student but also shows a wonderful awareness of my physical limitations. Time and again she has shown me how to adapt a movement so as to protect my back from further injury while continuing to strengthen it. ... I was skeptical that any yoga class would end the discomfort and stiffness of my lower back. I have been proven wrong!"                                                   ~   - David H., Ashland, OR

"First of all, the environment you have created is the most calming and most centering I've maybe ever practiced yoga in. That's the truth.
Second, I find you, Charlotte, a calming influence in just who you are...

Lastly, I came to your class to find a practice that would help me stay flexible without "hurting" myself. So many other practices were the wrong kind for my aging body and I would have to take two aspirin when I got home - no kidding.
Since coming here, I'm more in tune with how to stretch and stay strong without injury. My neck - my primary complaint - is so much better thanks to the awareness you have given me."
- Kathy G., Ashland, OR

"The low back classes on Monday nights have been a highlight of my week. Going through this course twice now has taught me endlessly about my own understanding of my body and myself. I finally have a way to relieve my low back pain. The class is delightful."
- Nick W., Ashland, OR

"I have had the great pleasure to meet with and learn from Charlotte over this past summer and truly benefited from the experience.
Charlotte's Yoga instruction represents a unique blend of traits which complement conventional treatment of several medical conditions."
                                 Paul Sandhu, M.D.
                                 Director of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation,
                                 Kaiser Permanente

“Charlotte guided a very informative and useful workshop on caring for the lower back. Her combination of didactic and experiential allowed each participant to find her/his level of practice and understanding. She clearly brings a lot of experience working with a wide variety of clients to her practice and teaching. Anyone who is searching for some gentle and wise guidance of back care could benefit from Charlotte’s skillful guidance.”
- Anne Stine, MA, MFT


Consultant, Massachusetts Housing and Finance Assistance Tenant Assistance Program

"....Charlotte developed and delivered individual workshops as well as a workshop series that targeted the health and exercise/fitness needs of approximately 150 senior adults in over a dozen housing communities throughout Western Massachusetts. The site managers and residents remarked on the excellence of Charlotte's presentation and the relevance of her information regarding senior fitness. Participants with a variety of health and related concerns found the exercises well-adapted to their physical challenges. Charlotte's wonderful rapport with each group was apparent in the expressed interest of residents to invite her back again, and in the high level of satisfaction communicated to the TAP office by housing management staff who had observed Charlotte's work."                          

- Ann Woodward, Senior Community Services Officer                          

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Boston, Massachusetts


"Charlotte has a wonderful ability to embrace her students with a strong sense of empowerment which is so important for the older adult. Her enthusiasm for yoga is contagious. Her instruction is excellent. She is deeply committed to each participant's success not just with their yoga experience but also their quest toward improved health and well being. Her delivery of yoga is by far the best I've seen. She is very knowledgeable and skilled at being able to adapt exercises to meet the individual needs of participants. Her patience and depth of knowledge create a most exceptional environment in which participants cannot help but feel relaxed, energized, and renewed."                    

Judy Knutson, OTR, Wellness Program Director,                    

Pohai Nani Good Samaritan Retirement Community, Kane'ohe, Hawaii


"The quality of Charlotte's work with the residents was excellent. She is an exceptionally warm, caring, and patient individual, qualities that are vital to working with seniors. She exhibited genuine concerns for the residents' well-being at all times and the residents always had very favorable things to say about Charlotte's yoga class. Participants reported increased confidence, reduced low back pain, improved balance, improved relaxation and reduced stress, and decreased neck and shoulder tension. Charlotte is knowledgeable and passionate about yoga and the benefits of yoga, and her class always matched the ability of the participants. She continuously sought ways to improve the quality of the residents's experience. She had very good retention among participants, and most residents who started the class continued taking yoga with Charlotte until her departure. All were very sad to see her go."

                                             Amy Patz, Wellness Supervisor
                                             Arcadia Retirement Residence
                                             Honolulu, Hawaii

Rewire Your Inner Critic:

Your Rewire the Inner Critic workshop helped me get in touch with the "smaller me," experiences from a younger time when I felt small. I've been enjoying playing with the "larger me," bringing a compassionate voice to those younger places, since the workshop.

- Ted Clay, Ashland, OR

What was most helpful was recognizing that we all share the same issues, just not the particulars.  Being compassionate with ourselves and others will help all of us. Seems like a good recipe to obtain peace of mind and - peace.
- Laura Hagie, Ph.D., Ashland, OR