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If you'd like to explore working with me, let's chat! I get a lot out of connecting with you one to one, and I like to make sure that you do too. I answer any questions you might have to be sure this is a good fit.

20 CEUs for Yoga Professionals

When you learn to trust your body's signals, you're better able to meet your needs and live more fully.

In this course you're introduced to updated research about the human nervous system, the Polyvagal System, that changes how we meet our needs, navigate relationships and calm our body. 

You'll come away with a better understanding of your nervous system, recognize its language of movement, learn what it can teach you and begin to reshape it. I'll share the foundational concepts of Polyvagal System experientially, through body-based mindfulness practices of adaptive yoga, breath, sound, meditation and journalling.

Mindful awareness of your nervous system becomes a tool to shift, more flexibly, from stressful states to greater peace and presence of mind. Longer term benefits are increased self-kindness, self-acceptance and strength in skillfully turning toward the signals coming from the body, rather than overriding them or avoiding them.

I created this course for anyone that is ready to commit to a journey of genuine personal self exploration. You'll build inner strengths of determination and courage as you explore regular practices.

Yoga professionals and practitioners that integrate Mindfulness into their work with others will also enjoy the benefits. Rich exploration that highlights simple, transformative tools of yoga as a primary modality is especially useful.

Understanding messages that come from your own nervous system helps you make choices that lead to more wisdom and self-respect, so you can honor your body’s natural responses to the ever-changing stimuli of life.

I’ll be your host, guiding experiential learning within the safety of a personal sized group. I have over 42 years experience teaching and consulting in developing self awareness using body-based and meditation practices that bring kindness, clarity and calmness into your life.

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Here's a litte more on how this course works...

Tune Into Your Nervous System: Discover Its Rhythm and Movement includes a special bonus: a mini-course on how you can rewire your brain to be more receptive to the good in your life. I'll show you ways to manage your nervous system’s needs. You'll have time to practice and ask questions. You will also:

  • Become stronger in your capacity to do your own inner work.

  • Increase awareness of the patterns you experience so you can engage in practices to shift your patterns.

  • Tune into the flow of your nervous system and understand your own needs and how your nervous system reacts day to day.

Plus, you'll have an opportunity to:

  • Be part of a dedicated group of up to 6 participants that share a focus on personal integration.

  • Draw on the supportive, rich learning environment to maximize your gains and contribute to others' journeys.

  • Learn through experience how to blend neuroplasticity + meditation + personal development.

  • Become skillful at "reading" your nervous system and become more attuned to your system's rhythm.

  • Have a 1:1 session with me. (This supports you in bringing this material “home” in a relevant way.)

When you join this program you're making a commitment to learn more about yourself on new ground, gaining insight into how you’ve been shaped. Check out what some previous clients had to say below.

The Client Experience, In Their Own Words...

Jackie's Experience

Sue's Experience


Jan-Joy's Experience

Susan's Experience


Karen's Experience

Mick's Experience


“This course really helped me tune into my body. I used to believe, “It’s just my body, it’s not me.” Now my body is included in my loving kindness practices. I felt connected to everyone in this course, even in this online format.”
— Rainy Olsen

"A highlight from the course is trusting myself more. I used to get all wound up, end up feeling blocked and not knowing what was blocking me. Now I know I can take care of myself in new ways. Making the practices practical, bringing calmness to my whole life, was the bing cherry on the cake, the chocolate frosting on top.

"Instead of coming from a place of pleasing, a need for approval, or a need that was vague that I thought someone else had to meet .... Now I'm looking at what I can do to meet own needs, not feeling bad, not feeling guilty about having needs." - Jan-Joy Sax

"My body has had experiences of chronic pain. During the course when I had pain I was able to turn toward my body, toward the pain, without panic. Panic isn't so much a part of me anymore.

Now I want to take care of my body. It's a totally different point of view for me. It's more like, this can be handled. This is a skill that I can keep growing. I'm moving out of feelings of shut down. I feel more connected."

"I was someone who lived from the neck up. It was helpful to get validation. I wasn't the only one - others in the course had lived from the neck up, too.

"I am turning to my body more as a friend instead of thinking harshly about a body image. I have a better feeling about myself." - Sue Bettinger

"Charlotte's sweet and gentle way of teaching and responding creates a lovely holding environment for personal development." - Rasmani Deborah Orth, EdD Senior Programmer, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

"When the course began I had just experienced a community crisis. With new understanding about the nervous system, I recognize that I moved through various states of the nervous system, danger and life threat. Now I have a name for what I experienced and understand the various stages."

"I think this course is life changing. There was so much information that I was seeking that I didn't know existed. Yet I knew there was another way."

"Growing up, I was identified as being someone that was highly sensitive. Over the course, I experienced that my sensitivity was a gift, it allowed me to tune in and be attentive. Instead of being a problem it became a doorway in."

"Your way of teaching is gentle, fun and educational. I felt safe and connected."

"I was able to look at things I didn't want to look at. I could address things that may have been too threatening before. I was able to turn toward what had been difficult before, for example, in close relationships, with new awareness, new kindness. 

Like others in the course, I've had epiphanies about how I communicate with others. It's huge. How I communicate with others is changing. I'm using words I wasn't able to use before."

I feel more connected with myself." - Lauri Ann Galindez

“Charlotte has a gift for creating safe environments where people may grow in community. I appreciate her gentle leadership.” - Shirley Patton

“Charlotte Nuessle is an insightful, caring teacher who truly helps people learn to treat themselves with love and respect.” - Nicole Morgan, Registered Dietician

"Charlotte has a warm, relational style. She creates a safe space to deepen your personal inquiry." - Bhanu Joy Harrison, LCSW, Trained Mindfulness Facilitator Albuquerque, NM

“I've enjoyed the whole experience of being in the group because it is fascinating to see how many different ways there are to interpret a single stimulus, through the eyes of different people who have had various life situations.” - Laurie Rathsam

“What was meaningful to me in the group was the growth of several desirable group attributes: a trusting atmosphere, a sense of group bonding, and unusually close personal relationships, all made possible by a meaningful shared experience.” - Alan Rathsam

She is thoughtful, compassionate, intelligent, and has a wonderful sense of humor. I really admire her teaching style and her warmth.” - Leila J. Eisenstein Breast Center, Providence Medford Medical Center


Let me share a bit more about how I've designed this program to work...

During this course I'll guide you in becoming more attuned to listening to the messages inside. It is life-changing to accept your nervous system’s needs for safety in connection with others. Leading this exploration with a heart-centered direction means that your practices of self-awareness, self-acceptance and kindness will support your capacity to shift how you respond both in your own life and in your interactions with others. We'll also work together to:

  • bring self-care to your own nervous system through personal and shared practices.

  • make sure you have practical tools that work for you and that restore equilibrium for yourself and your clients.

  • deepen your understanding in how your nervous system evolves with its own basic needs and ways of communicating.

Because I’ve taught for many years, I'll also guide you through exploring simple adapted yoga practices and reflect on how they impact your system. I know that part of this work is about having the support with another person to explore places inside that are asking for healing.

This is an opportunity to claim that you choose to live with grace, dignity and kindness. Engage in practices that contribute to healing, happiness, and strength. Be for yourself like nobody else can.

Logistics You Need to Know



Enroll at any time. $997 or 5 payments of $199.80.

Your payment is transferrable to other courses/services for 6 months. There's also an unconditional money back guarantee if you participate fully in the course and do not learn more about yourself, your patterns, and how you can make shifts.


If you'd like to explore working with me, let's chat! I get a lot out of connecting with you one on one. I answer any questions you might have to be sure this is a good fit. Click here to find a good time to chat.


Enroll at any time.


I'll have office hours to check-in, several times during the course, if something comes up, you have a question or you simply what an additional opportunity to connect.


20 CEUs for Yoga Professionals, click here for details.

CEUS for Yoga teachers will be offered for the course through Yoga Alliance.


Everyone is encouraged to respect the needs of their own system, first and foremost.

It’s recommended to have therapeutic support available if a need arises. 

Introducing Our Guest Expert, Deb Dana...

Through a polyvagal lens we learn to listen to our embodied stories. Using a polyvagal perspective, we can let go of self criticism and bring an open heart to exploring the "ways and whys" of our daily experience... - Deb



Why do we have  Practice Partners?

A primary way that our nervous system learns is by connecting with each other.

A Practice Partner is who you’ll have an opportunity to share your learning with. You’ll meet with your Practice Partner 6 times, once a week. There will be suggested exercises and topics to share. Tell us how this helps, how you came up with it, the result we can expect.

How do I know if this is for me?

The course is designed for personal exploration, to enrich your practices grounded in greater awareness. When you join this course you are signing on for a journey of learning to more and more turn toward yourself with kindness and self-caring, knowing that at times this can be challenging. This is not a replacement for a therapeutic setting with ongoing 1:1 support.

How many hours should I reserve each week to complete the program?

To make this investment meaningful, you’ll want to dedicate 4 hours per week. If you are unable to make this commitment then you’d be better served to participate another time.

How long does it take to see a difference? If you apply yourself to daily practice and complete the program, you should start to see a difference during the program.

How is this program different from others?

This program blends tools of therapeutic yoga with positive neuroplasticity and a growing understanding of the Polyvagal System, to help you attune to, and address the messages from your own system. This blending of body + brain and body + nervous system simply boils down to this - it’s all one experience inside. This has helped me step away from judgment and into greater kindness toward what is healing inside.

Is this program practical? How easily will I be able to implement the practices you teach into my daily life?

The daily practices will be short - no more than 15 minutes. They will be adapted so that you can benefit from a practice that suits your needs.

How does this program work?

There will be recorded interviews with Deb Dana, LCSW, a guest expert, to help you gain clarity. She trains clinicians in how to regulate themselves. Deb co-authored a book with Stephen Porges, PhD., Clinical Applications of The Polyvagal Theory: The Emergence of Polyvagal-Informed Therapies (forthcoming from W.W. Norton). We'll draw a little from her book, the Polyvagal Theory in Therapy. These are not required for the course. 

I’ve include tools of yoga such as gentle movement based explorations, breathing and meditation exercises; self-reflection; journaling and sharing.

Each week, you’ll have a recorded practices to explore.

Have a question for me that’s not listed here and want to connect?

Best way to contact me is by e-mail:

Or, you can schedule a free, 1 to 1 chat. It's a 20-minute call. Just click here.

If you'd like to explore working with me, let's chat! I get a lot out of connecting with you one to one, and I like to make sure that you do too. I answer any questions you might have to be sure this is a good fit. Click here to find a good time to chat.