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15 CEUs for Yoga Professionals

I enjoy guiding you through my live online course within the safety of a personal sized group.

Inside the course, I help you learn more about yourself, your patterns and how to make positive shifts.

I'll share my knowledge, know-how and experience along side experiential learning and easy to implement body-based mindfulness practices (like adaptive yoga, breath, sound, meditation and journalling).

I'll also help you understand and use foundational concepts based on updated research about the human nervous system, the Polyvagal System, that changes how we meet our needs, navigate relationships and calm our body.

When you enroll, you'll come away with a better understanding of your nervous system, recognize its language of movement, learn what it can teach you and begin to reshape it.

Learn more about Tune Into Your Nervous System with Yoga: Discover Its Rhythm and Movement.

Enrollment and all the details can be found on the course description page.

“This course really helped me tune into my body. I used to believe, “It’s just my body, it’s not me.” Now my body is included in my loving kindness practices. I felt connected to everyone in this course, even in this online format.”
— Rainy Olsen

If you'd like to explore working with me, let's chat! I get a lot out of connecting with you one to one, and I like to make sure that you do too. I answer any questions you might have to be sure this is a good fit. Click here to find a good time to chat.