Yoga for Osteoporosis

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2019 is an opportunity to learn how you can modify a yoga practice based on Loren Fishman’s protocol, Yoga for Osteoporosis. He’s an MD with a background in yoga and rehabilitation.

This targeted practice has shown promise as a way to explore how you can manage bone density loss, without the side effects of medications.

Your main focuses on working with me:

  1. Increase balance

  2. Target the areas of your body that need attention

  3. Skillfully strengthen weak places

  4. Improve posture

  5. Understand importance of preventing fractures

  6. Implement appropriately adapted yoga in your lifestyle

  7. Incorporate breath awareness to calm your nervous system and steady your mind


Develop an attitude of kindness to your body

Treat your body with respect

Make your movement practice - mindful

We’ll work together one-one-one, in 30 minute sessions that allow you to really explore several poses, and incorporate them at home or at the gym. Unless you actively develop new postural patterns, your familiar ones - often rounded shoulders and a forward head position - are automatic.

Your yoga practice can support you if you practice it. Exercises that more effectively stress your bones and integrate balance, will help you train in posture and steady strength. These practices are shown to be as effective as medication in managing bone health, without side effects.

If you want to explore being mindful and take your bone health to the top of your list of self-care in the new year, reach out by e-mail to me: I’m happy to chat and see if this might be a right next step for you.

Simple poses done correctly really work.
Charlotte is an excellent teacher of yoga and life.”
— Lynn Twiest

Why work with Charlotte? I’m an internationally certified yoga therapist. My career has been in adapting yoga for a variety of special needs. My yoga teaching career began in 1992. I’ve further specialized in adaptive yoga since 2000. I’ve served elders and seniors, those on various healing journeys including breast cancer, and in working with healing trauma. I enjoy exploring ways to support you in integrating body, mind and spirit. You can live more fully, express what’s deep in your heart and bring your heart alive in your life.

Why yoga? Consider that your body is organized as a whole. For example your body developed patterns to carry your head, to walk, to turn. When you stand your weight is supported by your feet, your core contributes to integrity of posture, your shoulders and neck orient the position of your head.

Your body connects various movement patterns together to sit, stand and move in your own unique way. As you practice gentler yoga movements one of the first aims is to get curious about what your body’s existing movement patterns are - before adding something new. Your body has found its own kind of balance – not symmetrical though, it’s not about perfect. Your body moves best when the muscles/tissues surrounding a joint are doing the best job they can to contribute to the joints’ overall healthy function. Otherwise certain muscles get overused and others get weak; movement patterns get established in the fascia, the connective tissue. These movement patterns contribute to wear and tear and strain.

Movement can also get limited when there‘s been injury. The body naturally repairs itself by shortening up around a wound to mend quickly and strongly. This scar tissue challenges movement. Tissues that are meant to glide alongside each other get stuck. When one area that is meant to move loses its capacity to move freely the limited movement affects the surrounding muscles and tissues. What might have begun as limited movement in one area has a rippling effect. It’s normal for these kind of out of balance patterns to get established. You benefit from another pair of eyes to help you “see” and learn new ways of moving. Long held patterns don’t change quickly. Your efforts to practice with care and dedication pay off!

I'll show you how to take it easy as you begin new movement. Be open. Learn from your body first before challenging yourself to do something more difficult. And, I'll share how to think sustainable - you’re in this for the long haul. Yoga allows you to be strong about being kind to your body.

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